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Postpartum Core Injuries are More Common Than You Think

This is so common…You are not alone!

Thank you to Niki Jones for sharing her story!

My personal back injury postpartum is how I actually got started into this world of core rehab.

Waking up each day with debilitating back pain, daily frustration and dumbfounded doctors, I knew there had to be another way.

Another way, a BETTER way, not only for me since I injured my back, but another way for all the moms out there struggling.

The struggle is real…in every way.

👉🏾We have weight loss goals and expectations that don’t match our current bodies or realities as a new mom

👉🏾We aren’t sure where to turn or what to do when things “don’t feel right down there”

👉🏾We push ourselves and don’t listen to our bodies and their needs or messages

👉🏾When things aren’t feeling right we go see practitioners and doctors to help us but get limited results

👉🏾We enrol in mom and baby bootcamp or yoga or workout classes because we want our workouts to be led but end up in pain, worse shape or leaking pee when we jump or run

👉🏾We are still peeing our pants years later or being recommended for surgeries that don’t help long term

What is a FitMama to do?

Well look no further!

Check out the videos and recommendations I have provided on the Love FitMama YouTube channel as well as in The Love FitMama Way book.

Transforming the core of motherhood happens as we all highlight and share the stories of injury, pain, releasing old conditioning, fear and issues postpartum that keep us all stuck.

Don’t buy into the myth that looking a certain way after baby is your source of self-worth.

You are worthy already FitMama and losing weight is NOT your life’s purpose.

Just getting started on core rehab and needing to support your core?

  1. Book an appointment with a pelvic floor physiotherapist who can tell you exactly what’s happening in your deep core and pelvic floor.
  2. Schedule time for you to sit and breathe first. Before all the other “stuff” gets done. Core transformation starts from within – and you can do it yourself from the comfort of your own home – WHEN you create the time and space for it (yes, you create time).
  3. Start here to safely work your core.

Keep me posted on how things are going for you and share this with a FitMama who is still in pain or peeing her pants, be the one who shares with her, “You don’t have to live like that!”

Much love,

Jen 💞


Deep Core Exercise

Last month, I spent some time in California on my book’s media tour and I shared some essential pieces of postpartum fitness on an exercise segment on CBS 8 San Diego:

  • Stay Flat for 5
  • Heal Your Seal
  • Rest is best
  • Pearl PullUps to start
  • What small movements will effectively begin to rehab the deep core

Watch the whole video here: FitMama Secrets

Postpartum Differences Globally


This week on the TKO show with Kara Ro we discuss the differences globally with maternity leaves, postnatal health and personal care and postpartum self-love trends.

Tune in now to hear our conversation about how The Love FitMama Way book is truly helping to Transform the Core of Motherhood around the world.

Don’t wait and say, “I wish I knew this sooner.” We discuss deep core related issues that need to be resolved and rehabbed postpartum so you’re not dealing with inner core dysfunction for much of your life as has been the status quo.

Please share and comment, I would love to hear from you!!

Love Jen

Live Talk at True Fitness Windsor

Postpartum Fitness, Fat loss and Feeling Fabulous! #strengthenyourroots

Attention Windsor FitMamas!

Live talk with me Jen Oliver happening at True Fitness Windsor at 6:30 pm at their Tecumseh Rd. location.

The video explains what I will be talking about and I am so excited to start signing copies of my book The Love FitMama Way Transforming the Core of Motherhood.

Hard copies available on Amazon or signed copies available from Yours Truly!

Please email me for your copy or PM/DM me on Facebook or Instagram @lovejenoliver

I am so looking forward to meeting you live and sharing the research backed wisdom and education that will help you on your journey to being a FitMama for life!

Being a FitMama all starts with love,

Join me LIVE!

See you soon,


Love Jen

Workout With Me! #8DayChallenge

Hey FitMama,

This week in the FitMama Facebook Group, we have an 8 day Fitness Challenge going on designed to get us moving, waking up our body, getting into a routine around fitting fitness in without a gym or fancy equipment.

Just you. Just moving. Just feeling good (maybe a little sore the next day).

I had so much fun doing this live in the group and this and the other videos of me working out with you are up on the @lovefitmama YouTube channel.

Please subscribe to follow as I add more and more workouts and informative videos (plus all podcasts go up there!)

Don’t miss a thing at FitMama!

Let me know in the comments how you enjoyed the workout.

I felt so so good!! I know you will too.

Have a great day, see you in the group FitMama,


Love Jen

Stress Less Podcast

Episode 09 is live on the FitMama Podcast!

Stress much?

Who doesn’t?

I am laying down some facts and action plans for you to cut through any stress in your life and use it as your ally to keep you going.

We all actually need stress to help us grow.

But not all stresses are created equal.

You can be the equalizer…

Let’s altogether take the 5 steps outlined in the podcast and reframe our stresses such that the reaction on our nervous systems don’t debilitate us.

Yes, you can!

  1. See
  2. Smile
  3. Slow down
  4. Shift
  5. Solve

Let me talk you through it.

Tune into the podcast and subscribe on Youtube, iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, Google Play Music or wherever you listen in!

I look forward to your feedback!


Love Jen

FitMama Podcast is LIVE!

I am so excited to announce that the FitMama Podcast is Live!

Listen to me on the go as I share the current research, wisdom and real life examples of how being a FitMama all starts with love.

You can access it anytime of day. Hit subscribe and get notices for new episodes.

Tune in while you work out, walk the dog, clean the kitchen, do the laundry and run along the beach.

Make all your moments inspiring when you listen and ponder different ways of looking at things.

Jen brings you weekly wisdom on living life as a FitMama. She shares her personal stories, her theories and the research out there on living a happy long healthy life.

If you are someone who wants to live a high performance life, stay highly motivated for self care and connect deeper into your core so you can enjoy each day of your life, then this podcast is for you!

Read the reviews, subscribe for free and search “FitMama Podcast” in the following places:

iTunes Podcast app

Stitcher App

Google Play Music


I look forward to reading your review, feedback, suggestions and comments are always welcome.

Hugs and thanks for being a FitMama.

Love Jen


Are you putting your self worth into your weight?

The Jen & Kerri Show

Are you putting all your worth into your weight FitMama? Literally and figuratively? We spend endless time, money and energy on adjusting, changing or “fixing” our bodies.

Tune in as I discuss the pitfalls of this thinking with the Leader of the Diet Rebellion and Naturopathic Doctor, Kerri Fullerton.

Kerri and I recorded a series of videos that questions some of the “norms” in the fitness and health industry.

Are you falling prey to these limiting thoughts and behaviours?

We dig into the research and offer solutions to living a life you love in a body you love, now.

Don’t push off life to wait until you hit that “magical number.”

Start appreciation and self love now.

Please comment and let us know your experience with this.

Oh, and please share with your friends.

Let’s align with Kerri’s mission to raise a generation of kids who love themselves for who they are not what they look like.


Love Jen


Core Connection

FitMama, I know you are like me, in that you want to feel strong, confident, gorgeous, sexy, happy, free. I wake up every morning with that intention for the day and go to bed at night with this in mind.

Our Core Connection Challenge is a regular part of what we talk about in our FitMama Facebook Group where we FitMamas hang out. We do this challenge often in the group as a reminder that this is needed by us daily. Attention. Quiet. Breathing. Connecting to ourselves. Quieting the noise inside us and around us all the time.

The goal of this challenge is to have you connect deeper into your inner core, the muscles that hold up your organs and allow you to do the exercises, workouts and activities in life that you do.

Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP), Diastasis Recti (DR) and SI joint injuries are very real and will very much negatively affect your life if they aren’t tended to.

These are dysfunctions of the pelvic floor and deep inner core and require attention.

Go see a pelvic health physiotherapist who specializes in the function of the deep core and pelvic floor specifically.

I hurt myself badly pushing too hard to fit into a mom/fitness ideal that didn’t suit me. It didn’t suit me because I just had a baby. In other words, I pushed a human out of my vagina. My vagina is connected to my pelvic floor which is one of my deep inner core muscles.

Organs can fall out through the pelvic floor to create a POP and it isn’t something you want. Your linea alba thins on your rectus abdominis to make space for your baby and this causes a DR. This needs time to heal and almost all women postpartum have some degree of DR after they have a baby.

I hurt my back using an SI joint belt that worked against me due to relaxin, the hormones in my blood stream postpartum. I pinched a nerve and rotated my pelvis and this coupled with the weakness in my core postpartum, I really hurt myself. This gave me almost 3 years of consistent chronic sciatic pain and immobility. Additionally, I had to give up a job I loved as a part time personal trainer while I had my young girls 1 and 3 at home.

Let me tell you from first hand experience. This was horrible.

I was miserable.

I felt like crying every day and every night.

The pain didn’t stop. Neither did my responsibilities. I had a 18month old that I breastfed and lifted in and out of her crib. I had an active 3 year old that I wanted to experience her mom active with her.

I was raging inside and didn’t know how to fix myself so I got sad.

Anyway, long story short…

Connecting to my core, breathing deeply, healing my fear and pain one breath at a time by facing them head on – is what ultimately allowed me to heal.

What are you not facing?

What will connecting deeper to your core through breathing do for you?

Watch this video to breathe with me.

Please join the conversation, I want to hear from you.


Love Jen

FitMama Foundations

Have you been considering joining us for this round of the 9 Week FitMama Foundations™ Program?
This 9 week group coaching program is the work IN component to your Work OUTs. So often we think we need to change what we’re doing from the outside (more and harder workouts, less food!) but it isn’t the case. It all starts from within.

Is your mind coming up with reasons why it isn’t what you need?
“I can’t start something in the summer.”
“I will start in September when things ‘settle down.’”
“I want to have fun, not be deprived.”
“I already know what to do, I just have to do it.”
“I feel scared to share how out of balance things have gotten”
“What if I can’t change?”
“I have been ‘trying’ it’s not my fault.”
“I can’t exercise, so nothing will work anyway.”
“What if it doesn’t work? Why even bother?”

These are all LIES!! Your mind loves to tell you stories that feel believable.

I want to share with you why I KNOW it’s exactly what you need if you are still struggling with:

  • Weight loss
  • Negative self-talk
  • Poor follow through
  • Willpower struggles
  • Feeling defeated
  • Feeling lost and hopeless
  • Cycling “on” and “off” the wagon
  • Lack of motivation
  • Thinking nothing will ever change so there is no point in trying (aka learned helplessness)

You deserve better! You deserve to talk yourself up every day and have your own back.

Are you ready for a treat?
We start when you’re ready.
Get on the phone with me, tell me what’s up and get registered.

Just DO IT!

With love and oodles of respect,

Love Jen