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Podcast: Pilates, Pelvic Floor and Pregnancy with Nikki Bergen

This week’s guest is Nikki Bergen, Pilates teacher and creator of The Belle Method and the Bump Method.

We talk about societal pressures for moms and women, and how she went from being a dancer to being an international sought after fitness expert focused on safe, effective core workouts during pregnancy and postpartum.​​​​​​​

She begins her Pilates work with teaching women how to deeply activate their core and breathe properly.

Nikki explains what “hug the baby breath” is. She describes how the tension in our pelvic floor and the hiking of our shoulders have us breathing too high in our rib cage and not expanding the diaphragm.

She shares the “chain effect” of breathing into the diaphragm and pelvic floor and describes how someone begins when they’ve never done Pilates or core breathing before.​​​​​​​

“If you’re not breathing, you’re not doing Pilates” is what Nikki stands by.

“We can all benefit from learning to breathe correctly because our bodies will function better.”​​​​​​​

I ask her what to look for if you are at home and aren’t sure if you’re doing it right and she says “stand in front of a mirror, when you inhale, do you shrug your shoulders?”​​​​​​​

Tune in to find out why that matters whether you do or don’t.​​​​​​​

Nikki describes the differences you can expect in prenatal yoga versus prenatal Pilates and how to choose.

“Labor is the most intense marathon you will likely ever go through.” She says she focuses on it with pregnant women as she helps women in the later stages of pregnancy prepping them for birth. We discuss the fear stigma around birthing and how this changes the physiology of our pelvic floor. She shares great insight as to what to do to stop perpetuating the fear of birth that is common in society.​​​​​​​

The “pain-fear-tension cycle” that can happen during labour is important to know about.​​​​​​​

Find everything you need to Stay in touch with Nikki

Don’t forget to follow her on Instagram for such amazing info you won’t want to miss!

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Podcast: Busy Mom Workout Schedule

I chat about the where, when, how, what, who and WHY in this episode all designed to help you with your own personal busy mom workout schedule.

I share the 3 most important things and discuss them in detail, things such as:

  • What does a home workout involve?
  • How do I choose strength or cardio, which one is better?
  • What other aerobic things can I do, I hate running?
  • Why makes HIIT so effective and how do I fit that in?

I ask you, what motivates you, and we go into your WHY. Dig deep with me FitMama in this episode as I share active living suggestions, and share the value and essence of creating a schedule, following a program, getting social support, we are NOT alone!! We are social creatures and whether it’s an app or a real-life coach, get yourself something that works for you. ​​​​​​​

Make moving your body part of your family time. Take the family for a hike or go play tennis or basketball at the local park. Moving with your family creates a shared experience and shows them how you value physical activity. ​​​​​​​

A love for movement is a lifelong skill they will appreciate having been taught. ​​​​​​​

Haven’t downloaded the 8 Day Fitness Challenge and started home workouts yet yourself?

Do this simple anywhere workout NOW.

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Podcast: Restoring Your FAITH with Dr. Marisol, Queen of the Thrones

What an honor to have with me on this podcast, Dr. Marisol, Naturopathic Doctorand poop expert helps us understand the role of the gut, hormones and overall health in this detailed episode.

She shares with us the ancient practice of using a Castor Oil Pack and she goes into all the benefits of Castor Oil topically and the use of her organic cotton flannel mask and body wrap.​​​​​​​

I myself have done the packs almost every day for 90 days now and can tell you honestly that I have noticed incredible benefits.​​​​​​​

From detox to digestion, routines to the runs, we go into it all in this intimate chat, where I share some personal stories of my own digestive woes of the past. As a FitMama on any place in your journey, ​​​​​​​Castor Oil Packs (COP) will support and optimize your health.​​​​​​​

I particularly love how Dr. Marisol goes into how the COP restored her FAITH in her body and describes each of the letters of the acronym for us.​​​​​​​

She is such an inspiration, and I know you will learn tons in this episode that you can implement in your own life, beginning with
What Your Poo Says about YOU! Click to download this very valuable PDF!

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Podcast: PESTS that will Interfere with your Success

This week I share my acronym PESTS for the things that stand in our way from our best in this life. Whether it’s our fitness routine (or lack thereof), food choices or the way we spend our days to our relationships and to how we show up in this world.

We set a plan, we have a backup, we tell our husband/wife/friend to wake us up, support us, we end up not sleeping well, the kids have the flu, our alarm didn’t go off and of course, we have a work deadline….

I’m getting stressed imagining this scenario and then on top of that suggesting you “try to fit in exercise.”

This doesn’t work FitMama.

The truth is this –

These one off things feel like every day, don’t they, year after year.

And if it’s not one thing this week, it’s another thing next week.

WTF right!?

I get it.

If some version of this is happening in your world (hint: it happens to all of us) these could be summed up as PESTS:

  • Expectations
  • Stress
  • Tension
  • Social norms / societal pressures

So and so wants me to do this…or that…

Stress from bills, jobs, overwhelm, kids events, commitments, appointments, etc

Tension naturally created in our body that leads to everything from muscle tension to hormone imbalance, inflammation to leaky gut.

Then on top of that, there are the good old societal norms (no pressure)!

If you are doing all the “right things” and still feeling like crap, or mentally and physically NOT at your best – something isn’t RIGHT

Whose rules are you living by?

Whose goals are you aiming for?

I dive into all of this and more on this week’s episode, tune in now!

If you haven’t already, download your 8 Week Fitness Challenge PDF today.

Get your copy of The Love FitMama Way book

Start your Castor Oil Pack routine NOW!

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Castor Oil Packs for Postpartum Empowerment

As a new mom, self-care can seem like a distant daydream in a far-off land with rainbows and butterflies. You’re always jumping from one thing to the next, making sure everyone is fed and dressed, bathed and loved. Some days it seems like you don’t even have time to go to the bathroom. And when you do… yikes! You sit for what seems like hours, pushing to no avail. Ain’t no FitMama got time for that!

You want everything to be taken care of, to be perfect. You are literally superwoman in the way that you care for your family, you even manage to eat your veggies and sneak in a couple FitHiit work-outs each week. So why are you feeling so crappy? Why haven’t you been able to lose the belly bloat and get that flat tummy you used to have?

Don’t worry – you’re doing everything right! You ARE superwoman, you just need a secret weapon to make life that much better and easier. Read on and I’ll spill the beans!

Postpartum Secret Weapon – Castor Oil Packs

After pregnancy, our bodies can feel totally out-of-whack. Bloating, gas, depression, indigestion and constipation are all very common postpartum. I mean, your body just grew a tiny human that completely depended on it for nourishment, growth and safety, how incredible is that?! Now it’s working on readjusting and rebalancing itself. This can take time, and some extra TLC. 

Castor oil packs are a health practice as old as time that have been used all around the world from Egypt to Rome, China to India, and were popularized in North America in the early 1900s by famed bedside healer Edgar Cayce. They are an at-home treatment that involve placing an organic cotton flannel with castor oil onto the body.

They help bring the body into balance by supporting the five foundational pillars of health and healing. They’re like a secret weapon that make your healthy diet, exercise plan and supplements all work better and FASTER. 

If you’ve never heard of a castor oil pack, watch our video below to learn more about this legendary health practice and what it can do for you! (insert video what is a castor oil pack below)

Castor Oil Packs Help Restore FAITH In Our Bodies

You’re probably thinking, how can this simple treatment of placing a flannel with castor oil onto my body actually help me?! As mentioned before, the packs support the five foundational pillars of feeling great, that are clinically practiced and scientifically researched. They help us regain FAITH in our bodies’ ability to heal, which just so happens to spell out the five pillars that they support!

F is for: Function of the Digestion, Absorption, Elimination Processes

Indigestion and constipation are so common postpartum and can be very discouraging, time-consuming and SUPER uncomfortable. Constipation is related to the inability to let go. As a mom this can be difficult, you always want everything to be perfect and to go exactly according to plan. But let’s get real – no one is perfect, and there will be a perfectly imperfect ebb and flow to motherhood that we need to learn to simply let go, and ‘go with the flow’.

Castor oil packs have been shown to be as effective as laxatives at relieving constipation, but with no negative side effects1. They also improve smooth muscle function2, allowing for smoother digestion and enhanced absorption. The packs will have you landing bowel movements to brag about in no time! This means less time on the toilet and more time with your beautiful fam!

A is for: Antioxidant Levels

Antioxidants are crucial during pregnancy to help clear toxins out of your system to protect your baby and also aid in their development. It’s important to build these levels up postpartum so that your liver can do its job with no problems! Castor oil packs support crucial antioxidants like glutathione3, vitamin E4 and nitric oxide5.

I is for: Inflammation Regulation

A little bit of inflammation is good, but when it gets out of hand it’s like a raging forest fire in California! Inflammation is very common postpartum as our insides work on returning to their normal state. We can feel this constant bloat that never seems to go away, that last little bit of pregnancy ‘fluff’ that you can’t seem to get rid of. This is typically due to core inflammation.

Just like water is needed to extinguish a forest fire, our body sends water to areas of high inflammation to quell the irritation. Castor oil packs help to reduce inflammation6 and regulate this response, helping you get a flat tummy!

T is for: Tension and Stress Response

Have a baby they said, it’ll be fun, they said. Ah the joys of motherhood. Totally worth it, but totally stressful. And as if all this extra stress of caring for another human wasn’t enough, 15% of new mothers experience postpartum depression and another 80% experience a less severe form known as the ‘baby blues’7.

When you’re caring for a brand new life, it can be hard to find time to do the regular things that combat depression like exercising or being out in nature. This is why castor oil packs are so amazing. They are like a big hug for your body8 and help it shift from the stressed out state into the relaxed, parasympathetic state (A.K.A. the rest and digest state) in a matter of minutes.

This is, in my opinion, the most important action of the packs. Everyone has stress in their lives, new mothers especially. In addition to training our parasympathetic tone, the packs also promote the production of feel-good hormones, like dopamine9, which makes us feel satisfied and helps regulate our emotions. Castor oil packs also stimulate oxytocin10 (our love and connection hormone) which is released after giving birth, during breastfeeding and after orgasming! Oxytocin also helps with postpartum weight loss because since it makes you feel fulfilled, appetite is reduced11.

H is for: Host Microbiome Balance

As I like to say, the greatest wealth is gut health. Dysbiosis is a common culprit when it comes to gas, bloating and indigestion. It feels next to impossible to do exercises that support core weakness postpartum when things in your gut just feel off and uncomfortable. 

Castor oil packs can help! Castor oil has been studied for its incredible ability to break down biofilm12 13 14 (a mucus-like barrier that bad bacteria create to protect themselves) and when we can break this down, we can get rid of the bad guys and make room for awesome probiotics (good bacteria)! 

The microbial balance in the gut also plays a key role in mood balance, as the majority of our body’s serotonin is manufactured in the gut. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that plays a key role in our happiness, and low levels of it have been linked to postpartum depression15.  

How To Do a Castor Oil Pack

If you’ve ever been prescribed a castor oil pack before, did you do it? My guess is you didn’t – or maybe you tried it once and never again. The reason this incredible health tool has fallen out of popularity in recent years is because of the inconvenience it was to prepare. 

You’d have to go out to different shops, gathering all of the materials you need. Then you’d have to makeshift your own pack, heat it in the oven, somehow attach it to your body and lie down and relax for an hour, careful not to get castor oil on anything because it stains like crazy. What new mom has time for that?! 

I created the Queen of the Thrones™ castor oil pack to make the treatment quick, super easy, and less-messy. It only takes 2 minutes to prepare and easily ties onto the body so you can wear it while you’re doing laundry, cooking dinner or even better – during the night as you sleep.

Check out our quick video below for exactly how to do a castor oil pack.

To get your own Castor Oil Pack Bundle today, click here.

Castor Oil and Pregnancy

You may have heard of midwives using castor oil as a tool to induce labour16, often having the mother drink a castor oil and orange juice cocktail to get things moving. Though it’s unlikely that the topical treatment of castor oil packs would have the same effect, for this reason it is not recommended to use castor oil packs during pregnancy

They are an excellent support post-pregnancy for our FAITH foundations, and the topical application of castor oil is also great for stretch marks, scars and softening of the skin postpartum! Castor oil is the most nourishing and emollient oil that is basically a superfood for our skin, providing vitamin E, Omega 6, Omega 917 and more!

Many women also have gallbladder issues after having babies, where they have trouble absorbing fats. The healthy fats in castor oil can be absorbed topically and potentially improve fat absorption! Castor oil packs have also shown to naturally reduce cholesterol18.

Castor Oil and Breastfeeding 

This practice isn’t recommended during pregnancy but is perfectly safe to use while breastfeeding. Remember, the packs help with oxytocin production, our let-down hormone, so they support this beautiful mechanism of the body and keep you in good flow.

Watch our video below to learn more about the outstanding benefits of castor oil and castor oil packs. (insert video benefits of castor oil packs below)

Castor Oil Quality

One very important thing to note when talking about castor oil is the quality. When using castor oil on your body, first of all, you want to make sure it is bottled in glass. Castor oil is an excellent carrier oil and if it is bottled in plastic, it can absorb toxic components like bisphenol A (BPA)19, UV filters like benzophenones20 or slip agents like nonylphenol21 which can disrupt the immune, nervous, hormonal and digestive systems. Secondly, you want to make sure it’s certified organic, hexane-free, cold-pressed and extra virgin (like Queen of the Thrones™ castor oil).

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Disclaimer: Any opinions, advice, statements, services, offers, information or content expressed or made available by third parties, including information providers, are those of the respective authors or distributors. Neither Queen of the Thrones™ nor any third-party provider of information guarantees the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any content. Still, we only promote content and products that we truly believe in and share with our friends, family and patients. If you ever have a concern with anything we share, please let us know. We want to make sure we are always serving you at the highest level. This communication does not create a doctor-patient relationship. Information provided does not replace the advice of your health care practitioner. Always seek the advice of your healthcare practitioner before starting new lifestyle practices.


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Podcast: From Movement to Microbiome with Dr. Shalini Bhat

Dr. Shalini Bhat is dedicated functional medicine professional with a decade of experience in the health and wellness field. She is the founder of the The Movement Boutique in Toronto, a next generation wellness clinic and designer of programs that are designed to help people achieve optimal wellness through moving, feeling and looking better. She has designed a workout method, a treatment method using acupuncture, fascial release and nutrition, and now has three functional medicine programs including her 21-day Clean Gut Detox.

After going through her own personal health challenges that western medicine wasn’t able to re-mediate, she developed a passion for functional medicine eventually becoming a certified practitioner to help others be empowered through achieving their own health and wellness goals. At her private practice, her treatments focus on providing patients with a road-map to moving, feeling and looking their best. She works with people who have been told they are normal, as classified by their doctor, and are looking to take their health to new heights, cutting through all the noise and trends on the internet and bringing her patients the most relevant info for their body, mind and microbiome.

Her three programs:

Website – FREE on our homepage join our “Two Weeks to a Better You” Program

The Vitality Collective – group in-person functional medicine program starts Oct 7

Clean Gut Detox – virtual 21-day program starts Oct 15

Get your copy of The Love FitMama Way: Transforming the Core of Motherhood today!

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Podcast: Diet Culture: “Weight-ism”

This week I am diving into the diet culture and what exactly it is.

So many of us don’t realize how we are perpetuating and playing into this idea that “thin is in” or “overweight is unhealthy.”

When I looked up weight-ism, I found this definition:

“This bias, judgment, stigma, prejudice, and discrimination toward individuals based on their size, shape, or weight is known as weightism. Most of the research regarding weightism has been conducted on obesity and overweight individuals because of the related public health concerns.”

I dive into what the diet culture is and how so many of us represent it without knowing it. I didn’t even know I was buying in.

I have been shamed online for being not fat enough to understand the body positivity movement or what it means to be up against the “weight stigma,” which I disagree with wholeheartedly. I totally understand.

I talk in this episode about the difference between outer and inner weight stigma and how this relates to weight loss, dieting, food choices, how we speak to ourselves and more.

Have food pushers in your life? Did you growing up?

How did others make you feel?

It’s time to take your power back FitMama!

Acknowledge whether it’s your own or other’s goals, wishes and values that you are behaving based on.

Make it your OWN!

Begin with Love, FitMama

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Love Jen

Podcast: How to get Yourself to do Things you “Hate”

Get Perspective FitMama! This is what I have been talking about lately with so many FitMamas I work with.

What you tell yourself makes a huge difference and I go into details how.

These are some Weak/Weasel words Dave Asprey of Bulletproof movement says:

  • Can’t
  • Need
  • Bad
  • Try

I have to say I wholeheartedly agree

Stop using these words FitMama!!

This episode I go into Will power again and how it’s like a muscle. Train it!

I go into how.

Things do get easier – create routines!

Keep your eye on the big goal

Gamify it and give yourself points to Treat YoSelf!!

  • Find foods you love that serve you
  • Find activities you love that make you sweat
  • Do these all with people you love

How much more fun are things in life when we do it with others?

Once upon a time the only reason why we:

  • Tried drinking coffee and wanted to like it
  • Tried drinking alcohol and wanted to like it

It was because it was a connection point with other people.

Now it’s like, “I want to have a social life, I cannot give up these things!!”

“Or I love food!”

“Or I hate exercise!”

These are just myths, lies and excuses you’ve told yourself.

Life is long, nothing needs to be given up – especially forever.

I talk about letting go of toxic people, toxic environments, toxic foods.

These will all make you feel so horrible but they will be the last things you want to part with – because they are your comfort.

Make your new comfort you. Make your new comfort feeling good.

Make your new comfort the knowing that you are looking out for number one, not giving into everyone’s expectations of you.

Brendan Burchard on freedom:

“People want to know and express themselves fully”

We talk Inner demons & Outer demons.

Focus on: Long term GAINS, Not what you have to give up in the short term.

3 steps to doing things you “hate” but are good for you:

  1. Small steps and Consistency
  2. Gamify it/Do with friend or coach
  3. Visualize and journal creating a clear picture of future


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Love Jen

Podcast: Feed Your Ovaries with Dr. Elizabeth Cherevaty

Dr. Elizabeth Cherevaty ND, RAc is a naturopathic doctor with a special place in her heart for integrative fertility, women’s and children’s health. As the founding director of Two Rivers Health, Dr. Liz is the founder of Fempowered Global™, a guided program for women leaders who want to increase their feminine leadership success. Through her clinic, she’s also the creator of the Well-Conceived Fertility Method™, an evidence-based program to help women and couples to build their fertile foundations, break through obstacles to pregnancy, and bring their healthy, happy babies home.

Dr. Liz is most passionate about inspiring women globally to embrace their feminine power, so they can create their own definitions of having it all. Her first book, Feed Your Ovaries, is due to be released in December, 2019.

We are talking egg quality, fertility, secondary infertility and so much more this week with Dr. Elizabeth Cherevaty ND, RAc. Dr. Liz is a naturopathic doctor with a special place in her heart for integrative fertility, women’s and children’s health.

We are natural creators as women and natural nurturers.

We love having someone to nurture!!

When we nourish ourselves, we can nourish others in this life!

This shows up in fertility AND feminine leadership.

Dr. Elizabeth is “Fempowered” and talks about how we can better show up in life to increase resilience, confidence, brilliance as women.

I love this topic!

We talk about fertility nutrition, mindset, limiting beliefs and dive into some deeper waters we haven’t yet been to on the podcast.

Dr. Elizabeth Cherevaty can be found at her clinical practice in Guelph, Canada at and on Facebook in her Fertility BOOSTCamp Private Chat Group.

Look for her brilliance on Instagram: @elizabeth.cherevaty

For women who are ready for a baby, and would like more support, a Conception Confidence Call is a good next step for you. On the call, Dr. Liz will help you get a sense of what’s blocking you from the easy fertility you’re designed for, and whether it’s a good fit to work together to help you with the optimal conditions for conception and a healthy baby.

For female leaders who are ready to enhance their resilience, confidence and presence in their business or career, and would like focused mentorship in feminine leadership, a Female Leaders Insight Call is a good next step for you. As a sensitive soul herself, Dr. Liz will help you discover what’s really stopping you from the success you desire, and deserve! On the call, you’ll get a sense of whether working together toward your personal and professional success is a great fit.

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Love Jen

Podcast: Freedom Part 4 of 4

“Between stimulus and response there is a space.

In that space is our power to choose our response.

In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

-Viktor E. Frankl

This week’s episode is the last of the four-part series all about freedom – whatever that means to you.

I do a deep dive on the Viktor Frankl quote – who speaks on freedom in his book, Man’s Search For Meaning after surviving a Nazi concentration camp, and how this applies to you today.

For this week, I challenge you to do the 5 action items in that space between stimulus and response.

Action items:


What freedoms are you craving? The ones I speak on in this series…

  • Freedom of being comfortable
  • Freedom to say NO
  • Freedom to ask for what you want
  • Freedom to stand for what you believe in
  • Freedom to LIVE through priorities, boundaries and VALUES

Courage is the path to getting to that place of freedom for you FitMama.

Do the scary, hard things in this life and freedom shall be yours each and every day.

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Love Jen