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Podcast: What if?

Do you know what you really want?

How bad do you really want it?

What if anything WERE possible?

Today I am dropping some love bombs your way about dreaming in technicolour.

Making your dreams a reality starts with imagining what you really want and letting yourself DREAM BIG without following the voice that says, “It’s not going to happen for you.”

This episode is a call to arms to re-energize yourself towards your health and fitness rituals through dreaming bigger in all areas of your life.

Motivation and inspiration come from having something greater than yourself to look up to/forward to.

Make it desirable today!!

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Love Jen


Podcast:  Intuitive Eating with Dr. Kerri Fullerton

This week, I am excited to interview one of my fave online docs, the leader of The Diet Rebellion herself, Dr. Kerri!

This naturopathic doc is an Intuitive Eating and Body Acceptance Coach. She helps women escape the frustration, confusion, and the sense of defeat that comes from years of battling their weight.

Dr. Kerri created the Intuitive Eating Foundations Program for those who are ready to un-complicate food and let go of comfort eating, stress eating and food guilt. YAY! Dr. Kerri helps the “Rebels” find peace and power within their bodies and their food.

What I love about Dr. Kerri’s work is her passion for raising a generation that DOESN’T look to their bodies for their happiness, self-worth or confidence. What a dream I know she is making come true with her work!! 

I know I want that for my girls for sure.

Dr. Kerri and I dive into what the Diet Rebellion is really about, how she got into it, what food freedom means and what exactly is “Intuitive Eating?”

Her loving Facebook group, “Applaud Your Bod” is where she shares great articles and info that will support you on your body loving journey to your best health.

Join us for this valuable conversation and don’t forget to share this episode with those in your life who are ready for this refreshing self-love message.

Dr. Kerri has a gift for you that you will find very valuable if you are ready to escape the diet cycle – The Diet Escape Plan!

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Love Jen


Emotional Fitness

Self-LoveThis can be one of the hardest tasks when you begin doing it because we’ve been conditioned and taught that it’s “selfish” to love ourselves. Or maybe you’ve heard it’s narcissistic. But, is it? 😳
Either way, science has demonstrated time and again that this theory is opposite to reality.
Speaking inwardly to yourself the way you would your beloved pet, baby or best friend is highly adaptive towards success in life.
It’s time to defeat that “enemy” within by dousing it with some love
Start with small things and if you do this daily you will get more comfortable digging deeper
Start with just one thing you love about yourself right now. Yes, stop now whatever you are doing and comment below.

Podcast:  Motivation Hint: This time isn’t last time

This week I challenge you to look at your goals and decide what about them is contributing to you NOT following through.

Sometimes we set goals that aren’t meaningful and DON’T motivate us at all.

One of the hardest things for people is to repeat a goal they already achieved following the same method as a time in the past.

“Last time is NOT this time.”

I share how to carry out meaningful goals by following my 3 level structure:

For a MINIMUM of 9-12 weeks.

Find a meaningful goal and create:

  1. Routine – Ritual (That doesn’t feel like a chore!)
  2. Repetition / Recording (Monitoring and Follow Up help here!)
  3. Real Life Adjustments (Stay flexible, last time is not this time)

Be realistic for yourself and your life NOW, not how it was in the past.

I share some great info on how this all works seamlessly in your life by getting back to basics with yourself.

Tune in now and as a secondary one, tune in to my TEDx Talk, “How to Love Yourself to The Core”

Are you setting goals that are not motivating?

I would love to hear what goals you’re setting and getting these days!

Comment or find me on social media @lovejenoliver on Instagram!

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Love Jen


Podcast:  Calm Mama with Dr. Sindy Shin

I am so excited to bring you this brilliant doctor and coach to so many moms worldwide, Sindy Shin, Calm Mama™ Expert and creator of The Calm Mama Method™.

Dr. Sindy helps busy moms who are drained and overwhelmed with juggling it all, gain the calm control they need to feel centered, present and confident for whatever comes their way. The heart of what she does is teach mothers how to embrace self-care and reconnect to themselves so they can thrive with vitality, power, and grace.

With over 10 years of guiding hundreds of women on how to reduce the impact of stress on their health and overall well-being, and now with two young boys of her own, Dr. Sindy is transforming lives by inspiring modern moms globally to escape mommy burnout and discover a new, self-nurturing way of embracing and rocking #momlife and beyond.

We get into three major areas that Dr. Sindy teaches about, which are so integral to life as a mom. She supports these aspects in her online community Calm Mama™. We talk in detail about presence: how to bring quality presence to the moments that matter most, peace: how to cultivate peace of mind and create harmony in your home and well-being and power: how to face each day with renewed trust in yourself, embrace self-care and embody who were born to be, so you can thrive with confidence.

Click here for a free copy of Dr. Sindy’s – A Modern Mom’s Guide to Breakthrough Mommy Mental Burnout

Learn more about Sindy and her work by exploring or contacting her here:

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Love Jen


Interview With My Husband

LoveI’m so excited to announce my interview on the FitMama Podcast with none other than my husband of almost 10 years, Chris @basketballimmersion

Here’s our #10YearChallenge photo.
I’m so grateful to have this guy in my life, he’s the catch of a lifetime and I’m so proud of my younger self for being courageous enough to go after him when he seemed way out of reach

Tune in to the podcast for the 4th episode in my 4 part series on sex!

Subscribe in @itunes or @stitcherpodcasts so they auto-populate and you don’t miss any!
We don’t hold back and we get intimate and real with you about being together for almost 15 years, 2 kids and how we’ve created a life together that keeps getting better, both inside and outside of the bedroom.

The best part….
It’s only just beginning

Tune into the episodes in any order but don’t miss a single one!!

Podcast:  Anchoring Habits begin TWOday

FitMama, this episode is a loving nudge in the direction of honoring you and creating daily habits that bring you peace, grounding and strength.

Consistency in our desirable habits can be suspect when we have a million things on our plate and others to tend to day and night – which feels like the norm as a FitMama.

The anchoring habits I talk about in this episode will shed some light on simplifying your goal setting and increasing your level of “goal getting.”

What habits set you on your desired path each day? Which ones veer you off track?

This Free PDF download will be your new guide FitMama to getting your daily goals, not just setting them.

When we begin our day with these TWO things: Forgiveness and Gratitude it sets the stage for a cascade of success before we even begin.

How you start your day matters. The baggage you bring into today from yesterday holds you back and stunts your opportunity for growth.

Begin each day with 2 minutes writing in your journal answering the prompts in the TWO Day Goal Getting sheet and observe the more effortless nature of honouring your desires, setting yourself up for success and reaching the positive expectations you have for yourself.

Make it happen by starting this incredible anchoring habit TODAY!

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Love Jen


Set boundaries to be present

Be PresentHave you checked in with what’s keeping you from being present in your life? 👊🏽

Did you know the average person checks their phones in a day almost 200 times? 📲

Is that you? 😱

Feeling rushed, overwhelmed or comparing yourself to the point of anxiety…these can be side effects of too much phone time. 💯

Do you set boundaries for yourself?

So often we have FOMO if we don’t have our phones, but trust that you’re missing out on more by being on your 📱

Not to mention – have you said lately that you’re too “busy” or “don’t have time” for the things you want?

I think you do….

Love Jen

Love Wins

connectionsThanks to those who have written me about the podcast – I’ve been getting real deep and intimate in the latest 4 part sex series and I don’t hold back
Episode 3 is here and then I have a guest on the 4th one, my king 👑 himself @basketballimmersion
Intimacy and connection with another really begins with intimacy and deeper connection with yourself.
Make this year your best yet!

Love Jen

Positive Vibes

Positive VibesVibessss

What if instead of:
👉🏿Comparing, we congratulate?
👉🏿Anxiety, we awaken action?
👉🏿Lack, we more deeply love?
👉🏿Feeling worthless, we feel worthy?
👉🏿Separation, we create connection?
Small shifts daily make massive impact.
Notice who and what you’re tuning into and how it makes you feel.
Be inspired every day to be you, not someone else.
Love this @jennakutcher

Love Jen