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Sunset reflections

The sun has set on my 2 weeks away. I’m home for less than a week and gone for another 2 weeks.
I am so blessed and grateful for the life I’ve designed and get to live every day.

When I say “design” I don’t mean I have all the control.

But I do get to pick:

  • WHO I hang out with
  • WHAT I focus on
  • HOW I feel
  • WHERE I spend my energy
  • WHY I do what I do
  • And there’s no doubt I’ve got something right these days.
    Go with the flow and believe your time and space are of value.

    Goal for 2019:
    Watch more sunsets

    There’s something about seeing the sunset in all its glory day after day that makes you wonder why even a day can go by without you seeking it and admiring it.

    Love Jen

    Podcast:  Changing State

    This week’s episode takes you into the idea of “state” specifically your state of being, thinking, and feeling. How do you manage your state? How do you transition to a new state? How open are you to doing so?

    Do you use tools to manage your state or are you even aware of what gets you in or out of state?

    I outline 3 key tools that allow you to manage and change your state at any moment, both in the short and long term.

    Do you know what soothes you?

    Do you know what feels good or what your Key Performance Indicators are for a good life when you lay your head on the pillow at night?

    Getting out of the cloudiness in our heads and tapping into the light and love available to us all of the time.

    How do you plug in and recharge yourself?

    We think we are invincible until we aren’t…

    Get into the highest state of being for you in each moment.

    Use these three tools and share how they work for you:

    1. Music
    2. Meditating
    3. Me time

    These are game changers – tune in for why and how they work so well to optimize your state of being.

    Come hang out in our Facebook Group where we have fun and supportive challenges going on all the time!

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    Love Jen


    Podcast:  Pilates with Renee

    This week I am so excited to introduce you to the incredibly rehabilitative, safe postpartum exercise called Pilates.

    Before 2015 I didn’t really know what pilates was. I had heard of it and seen it but never done a class or read much about it.

    Well, I didn’t know what I was missing.

    Today I interview the knowledgeable and experienced Renee Meloche who has been my personal pilates trainer for the last 3 years while I rehabbed my back.

    Renee and I chat about how she helps women rehab, she explains some detailed anatomy that is important to understand.

    She helps women feel strong from the inside out, as is The Love FitMama Way.

    I already know I am going to have Renee back on a future podcast to talk about more in-depth core connection.

    Renee Meloche is also known as “Pilates with Renee”. She is the most technically sound trainer that I’ve ever worked with or met. Her anatomy and physiology knowledge is second to none and I’ve gotten to geek out with her over healing my back from within the deep core for years now.

    I give her credit for helping me bend over and wash my face again without holding myself up with my arm – after 3 years of not being able to.

    Renee is a mother of three young children and she is local to Windsor, Ontario.

    You can find Renee’s Pregnancy and Postpartum Pilates program available here:

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    Thanks for letting me be a part of your FitMama journey, see you in the FitMama Facebook Group.

    Love Jen


    Podcast:  Let’s Talk About Sex FitMama

    This week I want to break it down into action (pun intended) packed tips and ideas to get you hot in the bedroom.

    I often have FitMamas who are not feeling sexy, their man or woman wants sex but they aren’t feeling it.
    Whether it’s hormones, burnout or self-consciousness that’s the culprit, I will share some things that are bound to turn you on.

    First off, I want you to think about visualizing how you felt when you were dating your spouse. Your first times together, your first kiss or the time he proposed and you have never felt so in love.

    Then, get acquainted with yourself again. This body. It’s not the same one as before you had kids and that’s okay! In fact it’s amazing. Because this body has created life and love and something from nothing and is yours to keep forever.

    Honouring your body through self-pleasure is highly recommended. Then you’re easily able to share with your King or Queen how you like to be pleasured and they can help you give them maximum pleasure too.

    We talk grooming, posture, self-care, sexting, porn, imagination, making time for dates and so much more in this episode. Trust that you DO want intimacy with your partner and yourself between the sheets just as much as he does, maybe even more.

    Need some way of scheduling and holding yourself accountable?

    Get your copy of the Best Self journal today!

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    Love Jen


    Postpartum Core Injuries are More Common Than You Think

    This is so common…You are not alone!

    Thank you to Niki Jones for sharing her story!

    My personal back injury postpartum is how I actually got started into this world of core rehab.

    Waking up each day with debilitating back pain, daily frustration and dumbfounded doctors, I knew there had to be another way.

    Another way, a BETTER way, not only for me since I injured my back, but another way for all the moms out there struggling.

    The struggle is real…in every way.

    👉🏾We have weight loss goals and expectations that don’t match our current bodies or realities as a new mom

    👉🏾We aren’t sure where to turn or what to do when things “don’t feel right down there”

    👉🏾We push ourselves and don’t listen to our bodies and their needs or messages

    👉🏾When things aren’t feeling right we go see practitioners and doctors to help us but get limited results

    👉🏾We enrol in mom and baby bootcamp or yoga or workout classes because we want our workouts to be led but end up in pain, worse shape or leaking pee when we jump or run

    👉🏾We are still peeing our pants years later or being recommended for surgeries that don’t help long term

    What is a FitMama to do?

    Well look no further!

    Check out the videos and recommendations I have provided on the Love FitMama YouTube channel as well as in The Love FitMama Way book.

    Transforming the core of motherhood happens as we all highlight and share the stories of injury, pain, releasing old conditioning, fear and issues postpartum that keep us all stuck.

    Don’t buy into the myth that looking a certain way after baby is your source of self-worth.

    You are worthy already FitMama and losing weight is NOT your life’s purpose.

    Just getting started on core rehab and needing to support your core?

    1. Book an appointment with a pelvic floor physiotherapist who can tell you exactly what’s happening in your deep core and pelvic floor.
    2. Schedule time for you to sit and breathe first. Before all the other “stuff” gets done. Core transformation starts from within – and you can do it yourself from the comfort of your own home – WHEN you create the time and space for it (yes, you create time).
    3. Start here to safely work your core.

    Keep me posted on how things are going for you and share this with a FitMama who is still in pain or peeing her pants, be the one who shares with her, “You don’t have to live like that!”

    Much love,

    Jen 💞


    Podcast:  Freedom Embodied with Debbie Lichter

    This week on the podcast, Episode 47: Freedom Embodied with Debbie Lichter

    As the founder of Freedom From Food Addiction and Freedom Embodied Academy, Debbie Lichter has helped women worldwide for nearly a decade get free from food and other addictions, obsessions and self-sabotaging patterns so they stop holding back and have the confidence to authentically shine their light.

    As an addiction and embodiment expert who worked for Cosmopolitan Magazine Internationally, Debbie navigated her own path to freedom from food and drug addiction, co-dependency, anxiety and severe self-doubt. Today she combines 20 years of experience in the health and fitness industry with her integrated Freedom Embodied System that helps women get free and stay free from all addictions, feel comfortable in their skin, lose weight without thinking or obsessing about food, trust themselves to make healthy choices and feel confident.

    Debbie has conducted over 200 classes, workshops, and trainings in the areas of addiction, spirituality, and self-care and is currently growing a “global constellation” of women who are living free, being authentic and shining their light.

    You know how important freedom is to me and how much I care about you FitMama, feeling free in your body, with food, and feeling love rather than loathing for yourself.

    This inspiring episode goes in depth about self-trust, reconnecting with your true self and bringing the best of you out unapologetically into this world without hiding anymore behind self-sabotage.

    Debbie offers a generous personal gift for you at the end of the episode, click here for more info and to connect directly with Debbie!

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    Love Jen


    Podcast:  Making Dreams Your Reality

    I am so excited to share this message today with you FitMama. I see so many women struggling with not realizing the goals and dreams they set for themselves when they were younger.

    Somehow having kids stifles our feeling of freedom and our “anything is possible for me” attitude we once had.

    I share my story of selling our house and taking a trip around the world with our girls when they were 2 & 4, now 3 years ago.

    The memories, experiences, and freedom are worth it, but I share the sadness and hard times that need to be had en route. Just like the work needed to write a book, start a business, raise children, go to work each day – there is work inherent in how we live. Especially when we have goals.

    I talk about how painful it becomes to sit in that “comfort zone” knowing you’re not meant for this.

    I talk this week about how to tell if a dream or goal is yours truly and how to know when to go for it.

    What’s been stopping you from dreaming and achieving big things? Is it your deflection of compliments, your desire to control or your need for perfection? Is it your constant seeking of things that “aren’t the way they should be”?

    This is imperative to identify and move through, and I share it all on this week’s episode!!

    Tune in now and take a break to listen within on this free mp3 download to help you shed the weight of feeling burdened.

    This week’s episode is in partnership with Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee – My fave!!! Get 10% off your online order HERE.

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    Love Jen


    Podcast:  Delicate Discipline

    Having a hard time following through or do you get started and keep going for a while then drop off when things get crazy again.

    In this episode, I talk about the delicate discipline towards ourselves that is necessary in getting our goals accomplished.

    Often we think it is sheer will that is needed or that we need to motivate ourselves through negative self-talk (“when I tell myself I am fat and lazy it works to get me moving again…”) that may be true for very short time, but ultimately fails in the long I share my rainbow visualization to bring more heart-centered awareness and self-compassion. Empathy and compassion for yourself, your current phase of life, your current body, your kids and spouse AS THEY ARE is where the magic lies.

    Delicate towards yourself makes the discipline part FEEL easy.

    Are you your own worst enemy?

    Learn why this may be the biggest mistake you’re making in your health, fitness and motherhood journey.

    “Start from the Heart” is what I always say when coming to decisions, knowing that the heart’s wisdom and understanding of truth is very much superior to the conditioned mind.

    Come from love, feel love, enjoy basking in the glory of your own self-love and see how the behaviors, thoughts, and moods that make up your days are elevated to meet the expectations you have set for yourself.

    You got this FitMama!!

    Reach out and connect or join our Wake Up Challenge and other great challenges in our FitMama Facebook Community for support.

    You are not alone!

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    Love Jen


    Deep Core Exercise

    Last month, I spent some time in California on my book’s media tour and I shared some essential pieces of postpartum fitness on an exercise segment on CBS 8 San Diego:

    • Stay Flat for 5
    • Heal Your Seal
    • Rest is best
    • Pearl PullUps to start
    • What small movements will effectively begin to rehab the deep core

    Watch the whole video here: FitMama Secrets

    Podcast:  Scarcity Mindset: Think there is never enough (time, money, support…)?

    In this week’s episode, I dive into the mindset of scarcity. This means that you find yourself consistently replaying the story in your head that says, “there isn’t enough time,” “I don’t have the support I need,” I can’t afford to do that,” “Must be nice for them, it will never happen for me.” And so on… This old story has been playing for centuries and it’s time for you to let it go and play in the realm of possibility!

    What if anything were possible?

    What if you could change the story and support yourself?

    What if you didn’t keep making these excuses that hold you back?

    It’s so fantastic to fully realize that everything you have ever wanted can be yours and you CAN have the amazing feelings and life that you so desire. Feeling good doesn’t come from outside of you. It isn’t dependent on your external circumstances. Feeling happy doesn’t come from buying the latest fashion, car or gadget.

    We already know this intuitively, so let us get outside that old family story of “there isn’t enough” and “they are succeeding, therefore I must be failing” mentality.

    You CAN reach your goals in any area and it will become very evident once you change the focus of your head talk…

    Abundance mindset here we come!

    Please book in your free 15-minute chat with JEN here to ask her questions about your personal situation by clicking “Help! My core!”

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    Love Jen