birth then breathe

Birth Then Breathe

Birth Then Breathe



What do I mean by “birth then breathe?”

I hear it from new moms all the time, “What do I do to get my body back as quickly as possible?”

Well, for starters, we are all very different individuals, and each with a unique situation. Especially since we have a very unpredictable new baby (or babies) in our world that we need to tend to at all hours of the day.

The first thing I say – no matter what your situation is – BREATHE.

I know, I know, BORING when you think you are ready to hit the ground running and join the closest ‘mom and baby bootcamp.’ Don’t do it!

Breathing is not boring, it is essential.

It actually is the essential first step to your postpartum recovery. Additionally, it is an opportunity to ground and connect with yourself and your baby at a deeper level because breathing will naturally bring you into the present moment. The NOW moment. The only moment that really matters.

Especially because as new moms, we can’t help but be thinking about the past and future, “Did she get enough to eat? When is her next nap? When did he last poop? Is that a rash or a spot? Did I eat yet? Should I shower?” And on it goes.

Worry, anxiety, thinking. Breathing gets you out of your head.

Furthermore, breathing will have the positive benefit of relaxing your nervous system, which is a huge bonus! Hello, anxiety due to the responsibility of keeping a human alive! No small role to play, that’s for sure.

Being a new mom is incredibly intense, and no matter who you are, I can guarantee that it will bring along some pretty strong emotions and perhaps even feelings you didn’t expect.

The type of breathing that I recommend specifically is CORE breathing. This is going to be the single most important exercise you can do to “get your body back” so to speak. Watch my video on core breathing here on YouTube @lovefitmama.

Follow these simple instructions to practice Core Breathing:

Core Breathing InstructionsSitting in-3

Remember – although you may feel fabulous 6 weeks after you deliver one or more babies out of your abdomen, you are not the same person as you were before you got pregnant and your body is most surely not (in a good way! Trust me).

But….starting back to exercise with care and caution is the way to venture forward. What are the consequences to working out too hard too soon after delivery? (Yes, 6 weeks can be too soon, in some cases 6 months can be too soon; heed your needs).

How to begin:

  1. Start practicing Core breathing on Day 1 of giving birth, or as soon as you learn about this, whether you are pregnant or have had your baby. (Bonus, you don’t have to wait 6 weeks to start this highly impactful core exercise).
  2. Take a moment each day and acknowledge something that you are grateful for and smile often.
  3. Practice the Core Breathing daily for 5-10 minutes (or even 2 if that’s all you can spare) for a minimum of 90 days – mark an X on your calendar and pat yourself on the back, you are “getting your body back!”
  4. When your baby cries or it feels like all hell is breaking loose (there will be many days like this!) take a few really deep breaths, relax your shoulders down your back and know that you are doing the best thing possible for yourself and your kids.
  5. Just Breathe.

Please let me know how your core breathing is going and the difference you have noticed since starting! Flat belly, here you come!


Love Jen

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