Be Bold




Be BOLD. Live your life BOLD. Be Only Living Dreams.

This throwback post is one from my Podcast in 2009, Kaizen with Jen. Listen to this audio if you are needing a swift kick in the butt in your life. Are you living in a place of fear? Procrastination? Worry? Low self esteem? Low self worth? Have you asked yourself why?

In the podcast I quote Dr. Wayne Dyer’s famous analogy of the fact that “the wake of the boat does not drive the boat.” What came before does not need to dictate what comes ahead. Choose your thoughts, choose your actions. Your future can look very different than your past. If you want it to.

Be your own version of bold. Awaken yourself to what you really want your life to look like. And start living in that direction with that dream in mind. Day in and day out.

“If you are lucky in your life, you have failed” I say in the podcast, as this means you have tried something. Are you stopping yourself from doing what you know you’re capable of? Are you dimming your own light? Do you make excuses, like “I am too tired, I am too old. Who am I to think I could achieve, accomplish or do this or that?”

Listen here for your motivation of the day! If you are stuck saying “I will start working out on Monday, or I will take better care of myself when my kids are older, or I will start eating more vegetables next week…” Start doing things that reflect the life of your dreams TODAY.

How can you live a more BOLD life?

  1. Set aside time each day for “Manifesting.” I create a “Manifestation Map” for all of my clients which includes actions like visualization, meditation, journalling, gratitudes, setting intentions, core breathing, affirmations, stretching or whatever else is aligned with their higher goals.
  2. Create a plan! Sit down and think about what you really want. Write a list of your values, write down your strengths, write down things you love in life and what you want to spend your time doing, reading about and talking to others about. Do things with intention. It is so easy to fall into old routines and habits and then watch the years fly by. Don’t wake up one day and realize you have been living for everyone else. Or at least be aware that by not choosing the way you want to live, you are choosing the alternative.
  3.  Find someone to share your dreams and goals with. Ask them to hold you accountable to them. Saying things out loud or sharing them with others makes them more real. Share them with someone you trust. Share with someone who won’t say to you, “Didn’t you try that once before and fail?” Find a support system, a cheerleader, a person who lifts you up. And be that for someone else.

I know you have got it in you to live a BOLD life.

I cannot wait to hear all about it!


Love Jen



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