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25 Days of Mindfulness

25 Days of Mindfulness


25 days of mindfulness!25 Days of Mindfulness is the daily challenge starting in our FitMama Facebook group (click here to join), where we will be sharing short mindfulness tools with you every day for you to practice so that you can cultivate more peace, calm and presence into this festive and full holiday season.

Check in daily here or in the Facebook group for tools such as guided meditations, gratitude practices, book recommendations, stress reduction techniques, videos, affirmations, visualizations and many other ideas and ways to give yourself daily presents of presence over the month of December leading us into 2016.

We all want to enjoy the season, be present with our families, be grateful for what we already have, embrace the ups and downs of this time of year and set our minds in a positive direction as we welcome in a New Year.

Join me as I travel this month from Palm Springs to San Fransisco, to Los Angeles to Maui to Fiji and then on to Australia to close out the month. I will be sharing pictures and stories and ways I keep myself mindfully present amongst the beautiful chaos that is the life I have chosen to live.

See you online!


Love Jen

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