21 Days Fly By, Make Them Count

21 Day Fly By, Make Them Count

21 Day Fly By, Make Them Count


Spring time is here!

Even if it doesn’t completely feel like it yet, we are going to be taking off our layers and we want to feel lots of energy as we do so. Reset your mind and body today!

March 25- April 15, FitMama is having a group Spring Tune Up, following the eBook available here. Along with your instant access to the eBook, I will be sending you the private access to the audios (for Free!) which supplement the book. You will get a deeper understanding of the concepts in the book by listening to these and they will surely assist you on your self-love, weight loss or body confidence journey!

By ordering the eBook here, and joining us on the private FitMama Facebook group (PM Jen Oliver if you are not in the group yet), you will quickly see that you can make more positive changes than you thought in just 3 short weeks. Lose 5-10 lbs in 21 days!

This jumpstart will keep you feeling great each day and as you head into the spring with confidence and mindfulness, your choices will continue to reflect the body you love and you will nurture it accordingly.

I am very excited to be on this journey with you! 

*Sign up by March 23 by buying your eBook and you will also receive a personal goal setting and strategy session with me to set you on the quickest path to success.


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